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sunglasses+summer hair.
spring is here. london is sunny.
evenings are getting lighter. days are getting longer.
summer cannot be far away. 

pappardelle with kale pesto...how good does this look? and those pine nuts, yum.
going to try it for dinner tonight.

isn't this the truth? 
be kind. be thoughtful. be mindful of the effect, good or bad, your words may have.
they can lift, they can crush. 
they can last a lifetime.... 

avenues of trees & those chairs, it could only be the Tuileries in Paris. 
booked my train ticket today :)

white peach, rose & basil hand pies....aren't the most delicious things you have ever heard of?
bring these to my door & we'll be friends forever.... 

and some lovely links....

(this girl has a great attitude)

(this made me laugh out loud!)


  1. I have a bitchy resting face post too. I suffer from it. It's real! Ha!

  2. What a sweet list of 40 regrets NOT to have.
    I, also, have bitchy resting face.

  3. Loved this post Simone, and all of the links!

    Sophia x


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