House Renovations : The Bathroom.

Our bathroom was second on our list of "major works" in our home, 
but for various reasons 
(the main one being that I couldn't bear living with our current bathroom for one more day), 
it has been bumped up to the top spot....
and work on it has started today.

It is the smallest of the major projects - if that makes sense - and therefore should be the quickest to theory!

The bathroom in our house right now is on the ground floor, located next to the kitchen - which quite honestly doesn't work for any of us.

The whole room has seen better days, the shower is temperamental & is also over the
bath, the room is very brown & outdated, it houses our washing machine & it is lacking in storage.

Quite honestly, I hate using it & do so as quickly as possible.

So, our new bathroom will move up a floor to the room directly above, currently a bedroom....
the new room is a perfect square, is lighter & brighter & will work so much better.

I have never designed a room before but have tried to keep my wish-list as simple as possible & focus on just some of the things I want in a bathroom.... 

* the room is to be : light, bright, calm, warm, spa-like, clean & uncluttered

* colours : pale, ivories, creams, whites, greys

* storage : functional, simple, classic

I have chosen a traditional claw-foot freestanding bath & a walk-in shower.

Grouting in the shower will be mid-dark grey & I am using subway/metro tiles - very excited about these!

I am ordering almost all the bathroom furniture, fixtures, fittings & accessories online &, given the amount of options available, have tried to keep my choices simple 
ie, I have gone with my first or second choice & not looked at everything out there.
Too much choice is not always a good thing! 
I had a brief moment of second-guessing myself this morning as I ran through everything with the builder, but I feel pretty happy with it all.

The fact that we are starting with an empty white room is a good thing, within reason I can plan the room any way that I want. Everything will be fresh & new, it feels extremely exciting!!

The builders have just finished their first day's work & the whole project is estimated to take three weeks. 
I can't wait to share before & after photos.

all images via Pinterest, to see more from my Pinterest boards see here....

Inspiration : 5 Pins & 5 Links

....isn't this a great & very original way to display your instagram or polaroid photos, very cute! true, be it family, friends or simply those you admire from afar

i am all about a good soup. and a woolly jumper. 
going to be making this rustic nordic pea soup tomorrow. this sign from Market Lane Coffee, Melbourne coffee shop.
 a little life advice on one wall....
it's okay to be good at just one thing....
just make sure you're really good at it & that you love it. 
be passionate. love what you do. that's good enough.
The Met Museum of Art, NYC....such an inspiring space.
i really need some museum time, going to plan that for next week. promise.

+ 5 links that I've enjoyed this week

a stunning Chelsea, NYC townhouse, so much inspiration here

this greek yogurt olive oil cake with orange blossom glaze

this extraordinarily moving piece "a wedding in the shadow of cancer "

i so want to take a trip....
these gorgeous photos of a Viennese honeymoon make this look like a good place to start!

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