Travel : Weekend in Europe with Kid and Coe.

For the first time in some years, I haven't yet booked our summer holiday.
We will probably do something very last minute....sunshine & a beach are all I we require.

So for now, I am dreaming of escaping, getting away from it all, whether for a weekend or a little longer. Budget flights have long been available for travellers & we are very fortunate to be within a couple of hours of so many beautiful European locations from here in London.

I've mentioned before that I am pretty obsessed with family travel website Kid and Coe, we stayed in one of their Amsterdam homes last year &, as they have such a great variety of homes & locations, I'd love to stay in many more.

I've picked out my favourites for a European weekend away....enjoy!

Puglia, Italy

and finally, for my London staycation, this beautiful west London home
This is not a sponsored post! 
All images via the Kid and Coe website

Inspiration : 5 Pins & 5 Links.

there are a million photos of the Eiffel Tower but I love this image which perfectly captures the scale of the tower & the beauty of the design.
indeed. there anything more beautiful than rust coloured Italian roofs?
this kind of photo makes me want to move to Italy immediately.

i've been spending  much more time offline recently, i've barely been on Facebook & Pinterest....
amazing how much more time one gains each day. 
food for thought most definitely.

my husband & my daughter are crazy about lemon whereas my citrus threshold is ridiculously low, my eyes water & my eyebrow twitches if I even look at a grapefruit....
I think however I could make an exception for this fabulous looking lemon cheesecake

5 links

the perfect Positano apartment

Happy Wednesday!

House & Home : Workspace Inspiration with Graham & Brown Wallpaper.

I was recently delighted to be invited to be a "brand ambassador" for Graham & Brown, a company who have been producing wallpapers since 1946.
As I am up to my ears with house renovations & in the process of creating a look for each room, I was more than happy to accept their invitation. 
Each month I will be introducing a new - and completely different - wallpaper & planning a room around it.

First up, is their "Northern Rose" design, such a pretty pattern featuring vibrant pink & pale blue. 
It's such an uplifting print that could be either traditional or modern, depending how you style it & where in the home you use it.

My home currently consists of many shades of grey & white, it's pale & calm.
I've gone for a feeling of tranquility & tried to bring in as much light as possible.

What I would really love though is a colourful workspace & I can see the Northern Rose wallpaper working beautifully for this on either one or two walls.
Inspired by this bright workspace - and this & this - I have imagined a space that is bright, fun & inspiring....add painted floorboards & a gallery wall of inspirational artwork plus my favourite afternoon snooze armchair thrown in for those mid-afternoon tea breaks. Perfect.

Just Keep Swimming.

helena bonham carter - via pinterest

those days when your mind & your thoughts keep getting in the way....
distracting you, waylaying you, reminding you & generally hindering rather than helping you....welcome to my life right now!

if i had to label myself, 
it would be as a someone who engages in a fairly-short-amount-of-thinking-time-then-just-gets-on-and-does-it or as someone who thinks-about-it-but-never-does-it-at-all. hmmm.

these days, in fact this year really, I am thinking way too much, as in sometimes I feel almost paralysed by my thoughts, they get in the way & they wake me up at night.

like many bloggers, i have any number of blogposts running through my head at any given moment, just recently though i haven't been able to get started on any of them.

i share & i talk, i have many really good friends who stand by my side - and i do the same for them - day in day out.
i am in a rut with some stuff....i say i want to move on, but the reality is i am not doing so.

house stuff = too slow.
(extended) family stuff = a (very) long running issue has reared its head again. life is too short.
family illness = tremendous sadness. life changing stuff.

life is throwing a lot of stuff at me.
i am handling it but very much feeling i should be/could be doing it a lot better.
you have to be gentle with yourself don't you?
you also have to be strong.

you think you have a handle on it, only to find out that you really don't.
the beauty of life.
fragile, fleeting, incredible....
things happen that remind you that it truly is all about the moments.
one day they really will be all that we have.

last week i realised that i had been blogging for six years.
six whole years. wowsers!
my first short (and simple) little blog post is here :)
it's been a wonderful journey & a fantastically positive experience....
thank you for following along, for all the support & comments, here's to many more....

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